These are unprecedented times and we're all having to adapt to ongoing changes.  Please help us protect you, and our team by taking note of the current Covid-safe measures we've implemented:

  • We are operating a waitress service to all tables, both inside and outside

  • Walk-ins continue to be welcome, but if we are full you'll need to wait outside or in your car as customers cannot stand in the entrance area

  • Please do not visit if you feel unwell or have Covid-19 symptoms

  • Hand sanitisers are available throughout the building; please use them regularly and particularly on arrival

  • Please use face masks when leaving the table to use the bathrooms, or depart the Tea Room

  • Contactless payment is encouraged, but we will accept cash.  Payment will be taken at your table

  • Please leave through the designated exit doors

  • If you develop symptoms after visiting, please call the Tea Room as soon as possible

  • Your contact information will be collected for Track & Trace requirements

Please help us to protect you; we're still in this together.